My second blog post 💟

Today, I chose to be mesmerising


Floral print rapron and my fav black round neck top.



These rapron with plain top will provide a mystery to your look.
It looks classy and you will feel really good in these just like i am feeling today

Women are surrounded by indignious gadgets . They prefer catalogs and go to malls and boutiques to buy clothes instead of adopting the idea of customizing their own clothes. Therefore I tried to customize this rapron on my own.

Reason for choosing this black and white floral print cloth was because I am crazy about prints be it big and bold or small and pretty.
Handbags are must to keep our cosmetics 😆so I took my sling bag 💓


Black plain or white top both will give a complementing effect to these raprons
SINCE, I am not into accessorizing much, I planned on wearing my zebra printed scarf like a bandit on my rockin tee to make it look sassy 💋

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face.” — Francois Nars

I used MAC’s red lipistic which I recently purchased and realised how classic and glamorous it looks.

With this rapron skirt, flats go well.
Its  easy and comfortable.
I am wearing heels because
I just love heels 💟

love my this ring ❤

I love experimenting my looks with different hairstyles. I have made side french braid but you can also try different hairstyles or just leave your hairs loose..
Soon you will also be able to make such hairstyles at home as i am going to blog about how to do different hairstyles very soon ✌
Just stay connected to sassyinceptor blog  😉

Before I end ,here is a complete picture for you guys.


There is an old picture of me.You can also style your rapron like this.


Happy Blogging!
Stay Sassy❤👄✔



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