Hello, writting it after a week.
So before posting I’d like to apolozise for delay in posting.

Thankyousomuch, looking at the number of views I have been getting on my blogs lately I  am happy that you are appreciating my work.I hope that we keep on growing in number.

So today’s blog gonna be an indo – western look✔

Here is my
first look
With my black salwar



(Instagram @VishaliDubey)


You can see in both the pictures I am wearing same salwar but with a different colour  of shirt.
You can now pair your salwar with your hot and sexy shirts.
Tuck it inside or just leave it buttoned easily.

Make sure  while tucking your shirt inside the salwar that it looks sober and gentle.


IF you havent already  realised, I have kept my sneaker same from the first  blog as well i.e THE DENIM STORY
Because they go with all these attires.

I have done a normal bun for this picture.
You can do messybun😍

-collar neck peice
& earrings




Second look


As you can see in the above picture I am carrying my salwar with my front tie flowered top ❤
I am absolutely in love with it since the day I bought this floral top 😛  It captured my attention as its so unique.


Wearing flats with this look go easy  and its a lil comfy to carry. And I left my hair open. You can straigthen your hair or a high pony 😍

-collar neck piece


Third look



Pairing my salwar 3rd time with a red peppy crop top ✔
Dont hestitate just wear it with a good sense .
Go with tshrts like pink , light blue etc.


Tall Girls in crop tops,wear heels gives a hot chic look.
Vice a versa
Small girls can go with canvas shoes or any other sneaker😍

Continued with my hairstyle as bun.

– coin neck peice
& earrings

Lets be stylish this summer. I think fashion is about dressing according whats fashionable and style is more about being yourself.
However,it may be crazy, wild, boho etc lets just be ourselves and depict it through our clothes..

I hope you guys liked this look.Also, I would love to see you guys dressing  up according to these trends.
You can tag me under the hashtag #vishali dubey.

All of you can also be updated with my day to day fashion style and makeup on instagram.
FOLLOW me -@vishalidubey

Happy blogging!
Stay sassy💋

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