Hello wordpress family

It really feels very good when you see people are actually liking your work but the real happiness is in seeing people adapting your style !
Thankyou fellows for the love and support.

On the demand of my beautifull readers , who wanted me to come up with more different styles
I am posting a blog on an amazing different styles of ‘ duppata ‘
”  how to style your dupatta

Yes , this time experimenting with my red duppata.
You can finally style your duppata rather than just wearing it on kurtis                     etc.


Why I choose a slit skirt over a Red duppata?
Reason I choose this perfect shaped stripes slit skirt  is because these days delhi is on its 44°C temp Haha ! Actually these leg hugging skirt  allow a better range of movement.
And this combination of colour is forevers favourite.

Your size, shape and figure also play a part in how you pick a skirt.

Take into consideration your figure shape and size as well.
•Go up a size and have it custom tailored if your bottom is heavy.
•Make sure to look at your skirt from the side, as you don’t want a pooch, try using a body shaper if needed to make a clean line.

(The ability to use a body shaper allows a woman of any shape or size to wear a pencil skirt with class; however a big bottom needs to be taken into consideration, as not all skirts will fit proportionally and you may also need to custom tailor a larger size to fit your waist.)

Your height also plays a part

Ensure that you pick the right length of skirt for what you are choosing to do and how tall you are.

Here are some pictures to my looks :-





All my blogs will help you guys to make something good out of your clothes in a very trendy and classic ways.

Dont be shy to drop your comments below. I welcome all the suggestions you guys can make.

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Stay sassy


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