Hey lovelies,

Very sorry for not posting since long.
I commit that there were some mistakes , which I was repeating in my blogs but from now its not going to be the same !
It really feels great to have a few of you following me and taking out your precious time to actually go through my blogs.
I now have a few followers, so I will try hard to live up to your expectations.
Your support is all I need ❤

Thankyou for your patience and sorry for the delay !
Now without further a do, lets get started with the next blog?

ARE you guys excited?

So Today’s blog going to be about the unexpected :-its yellow ! Why I said unexpected is because yellow isnt a colour you typically see everyone  wearing.

Here is the picture of the look for today

I wasnt sure about this Yellow dress.Than one day I found myself buying this pretty yellow dress from Only.

I was honestly so worried  about wearing the outfit, because it was little out of my comfort zone but It looked really good !

Here is the complete look 

The colour of this dress is loud, bright and moreover, Its a bold colour.

I planned on wearing a delicate watch from @versace which I purchased from the instagram store @sassyinception.
They are having the custom products of branded watches at an affordable prices and of a very good quality at the same time.

I carried this look with a clutch which I bought months back from the market of Kanpur !

To complete the look these green and brown high wedges are from @metroshoesindia are must !
( As the monsoon is here, Yesterday there was a heavy rain. Roads were full of mud and I went to shot pictures for the blog. I was little scared of being slipped but belive me if you’re buying these  you can keep your fear aside. They are so easy to carry !

No accessories .I just played with my eyes to give it  different look and a braid . kept it simple though attractive.

I am wearing the combination of brown and yellow as you can see.
Afterall, brown and yellow  always rock together ! You can also go for some combinations like yellow& silver /golden/red/Black.

The dress is of short length. Many of us are comfortable while others are not. DONT THINK MUCH UPON IT.

I came up with a second look also for those who dont want to show there legs .

Enjoy the pictures

You can also order customised dresses, watches, handbags on Sassyinception .

INSTAGRAM STORE:-@sassyinception

All of you can stay updated to my day to day look .
Follow on Instagram:-@vishalidubey_sassyinceptor

I hope you guys liked it ! Dont be shy to drop your comments below.
I welcome all the suggestions you guys can make.


Thankyou 💛


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