​Hello people,

I am back with another post.
Generally, I post ootd on my Instagram Account i.e vishalidubey_sassyinceptor .
But this Time I felt like sharing my ootd with you all ❤
I had to go out for the seminar .
Yestersay night I decided to wear something formal which reflect a good impact on the next person.

I chose to wear this simple white formal shirt from @Cobb  which I bought this weekend at a price of just rs.550 directly from the showroom In MAYUR VIHAR,DELHI.
It is of linen fabric.Linen comes from the fibres of flax plant  and is highly valued for its cool and fresh feel !

The only reason
is It has a very light weight and a best fabric for the hot and humid climate.
As it is a good conductor of heat and
Possess high air permeability and allows the body to breathe.

Now its time for shoes! I am so obsessed with sneaker, canvas , ankle length shoes nowsdays. They look so trendy!
Sneaker shoes is a great way to wear formals with sophistication.So I paired my Red and orange shoes from @abof.in which is actually  going good with the attire and that BOW though.

is an online shopping portal. Having a large variety of shoes which are not only of a good quality but with a good look too !
And then its price, its like icing sugar on the cake.

#sneakers #shoes #fashionista #blogger
  • I applied a base makeup and an eye liner.

Wearing no lipistic & it doesnt affecting my look at all . Because I made such a bun hairstyle who took all the attention seriously.

Enjoy the pictures

#bow #tie #formals

#hairstyle #bun #perfect

Hope you all like it. Drop your suggestions in the comment section. I Welcome all 💖❤
Style yourself !

Stay Sassy ❤


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