My Winter Collection

​Hello everybody,
Today I am going to share with you all what I bought recently for my winter collection.

My 3rd semesters are going and  that’s why I am bit busy. Also have some personal issues. I don’t want to sound like sympthatic or agrumentative one. Its like somedays when you have nobody and you gotta do and make yourself so strong and independent for everything in your life.
I  Apologize for the inconsistency in my blogs.
Waiting For good days to come seriously guys.

Keeping everything aside lets get STARTED,

1) So this black hoodie is from snapdeal for rs 650 worth buying. It is warm . You can actually wear it while going to gym or for some workout in winters. It has that sporty look and have a very soft material .

2) Another Grey hoodie,
The reason behind buying them is just because I feel very cold in my ears during winter. So I keep maximum of hoodie’s and fancy caps. Going to buy some soon. If you know some websites with the same,please comment down below. I really want to buy Caps for winter.
It was for rs645/- which I bought  online from  snapdeal again.
And its very comfortable. The uniqueness about this hoodie is it has a hand fitted sleeves. Which is not tight but so sticky to your hand and gives the loads of warm vibes.

3) Here, I am wearing  a Loose grey dress which is from for rs499 only!
Worth spending upon ❤ It is still available on the website you can buy them !

4) So this sweater is from Style Studio. Which I have bought some days back from its showroom in lajpat nagar, delhi INDIA.
It was for Rs1900. I am going to wear it on my last exam  like the way I have clicked this picture but with my white high waisted jeans and white sneaker. And I think its pretty cool to combine them.
Aww  I love the stuff.Its heavy and knitted and very soft !
Also,Levi’s gotta really nice winter collection. Got one more from the Levi’s showroom but could not able to click picture in that one.

5) Dark blue and turquoise
I wanted to pair some solid combination this winter so I purchased both of them from different websites.
Blue full sleeves button sweater is from shop Nineteen and another one is from snapdeal again. ❤

6) GREEN |
This is the first green in my wardrobe 😂😂 Happy green . Welcoming them from now onwards.  This one really took my heart away❤

, you played it man like a boss !
It was for rs650 may be something  around it .I don’t exactly remember the price.  Side pockets , Wide Cap behind , open from the front.
I just loved it !

Am I sounding same ? Yes because the quality which snapdeal is providing is reminisble.
This yellow GREY Black sweater was for rs950.
I went two places wearing this sweater and believe me they end up asking me about this sweater , ya seriously bro!

CAMPUS sutra . SAME SWEATSHIRT IN RED IS AVAILABLE ON SNAPDEAL for rs 691 approx. So rush to the website ! Link is mentioned below

Yes, I do agree that some websites really dispresses us with the quality of the product.
You gotta trust some ❤
I bought so much from Snapdeal and dint felt cheated even a bit.
They are having good collection for winters.
JabongIndia, abof are also giving it a hard challenge.
So rush onto those websites and SHOP SHOP SHOP.


( Instagram updates: @vishalidubey_sassyinceptor
Roposo username:@Vaishali Dubey

Click on the link and purchase best for your wardrobe




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