​Hello everybody,

So posting today in the last hours of 2016′.

It was an amazing year for me I survived,I learned and I felt life .
It taught me to be strong , you have to let things go which are not for you even if it is   about the people around you.

I want to thank my readers and to all those who appreciated me and motivated me towards my goals I have learnt so  many things and will keep learning till end.It will surely change my future for good !

The way you think and feel about yourself , including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything  that happens to you! When you change the quality of your thinking , you change the quality of your life , sometimes instantly !

” Take the first step in faith . You don’t have  to  see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”- MARTIN LUTHER KING

New dreams are about to full fill this year.

Let this year be the one where you matter the most, where you appreciate all the small things in the life.Let people know you appreciate and love them , make yourself  a better person.

But there’s a beginning in an end , you know !

Lets welcome this new year together  , It may bring peace , joy &happiness into your life.

Love you all
Vaishali Dubey


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