Hello WordPress family,

Really Happy to see that I crossed 100followers on my blog . Yes, I do need to work harder .

It’s nothing but still getting here motivated me a lot to be consistent.
Today’s post is about homedmade face Mask.

Over the years, I may have tried different brands of face packs . But I have found some true solutions to everything my face needs .

Three ingredients are staples in most Indian Households and I always keep a small supply in my bathroom drawer for easy reach . Yes, they have been used for centuries for skincare and you just can’t go wrong with them.


-besan(gram flour)

-sandalwood powder
Face pack 1.

Turmeric stands unmatched for its medicinal value.

Take 2 spoonful of turmeric.

Mix lemon water into it. And apply it on your skin for 20minutes .

It can create a tingling sensation and will leave some yellow strains.

Before applying it on your face do test it by applying it on some other part of your body.

And don’t take tension about the yellow strains it will go after you moisturiser your skin.

It works on acne faster and also removes tanning . Use it thrice in a week .

Face pack 2.

Besan (i.e gram flour) helps in cleaning skin and tighter pores . You can also use it as an alternative for body soup.

I am totally in love this face pack..I use pack almost every next day in my night skincare routine  .( I will be sharing my night skincare routine soon on the blog )

Besan makes your skin quite dry . So , this pack is specially for oily skin.

Mix 2spoonfull of besan , few drops of rose water and yogurt .

Apply it on your skin and while rinsing do give your face a massage .

It gives your skin that glow after one wash . But do apply it thrice in a week for better results .
Face pack 3.

Sandalwood powder or a stick . I usually use the sandalwood stick .

It gets flaky and falls off when it dries .

Take a plain plank . Add some few drops of rose water and rub that stick on it . Which gives out you a smooth paste . Wash it with lukewarm water .

You can also leave some sandalwood paste on a pimple overnight , to find it magically gone or reduced .

If you need minimalist skincare , this is the cure all you need .
Boys and girls both can use this face masks.

Also, if you are having some more homemade face mask ideas , do comment down below . I would love to try them .

All love



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