Empty wardrobe ft. RENTANATTIRE

 Hello, Hope you’re doing good and living life the way you want.

You must have heard, you must have seen because so Much has been written and said about women and their dressing. While some argue that a woman must dress conservatively to protect her modesty, others are enraged at the thought of having a girl wear concealing outfits.

The dress code is determined not by choice or situation, but by the opinions of a collective few that are illogically acknowledged and endorsed. There is always the fear of being judged for wearing a garment of their liking.
Women do not need much priority or importance than men today I think but Equality !
And You men out there , Equality for women stands to empower them, to allow them to choose. 

Not only men but the other ladies too who puts the next women down.

Dictating whether they should or should not dress in certain outfits works just in the opposite way – in allowing others to tell them how they should be. It takes away the liberty of the woman in question. She must work in accordance with what is considered ‘adequate’ according to a section of people. While the debate continues, it all complicates the age-old girl problem of having a wardrobe full of nothing to wear!

I hereby believe, dress ! A women should : Dress,not to impress others but express.

Dress, to feel loved by yourself. To know that you can make an effort to your body. Clothing is not just a bare necessity , It has the power to be your identity.

So Go dress up the way you want , the way you feel and paint the walls red (Opps.! But in my case Pink because Here I am 

Collaborating with @rentanAttire , which has given me the most beautiful experience. 

Well, RentanAttire is India’s Fashion rental platform.It gives you the luxury of renting like Ridhi Mehra’s ,Sabyasachi’s and many such designer outfits instead of buying them. So Yes, You can wear the best designers attire without letting them burn a hole in your pocket. And the best Part is , you won’t ever have to repeat outfits.
Here are some of the pictures in their Pink jacket lehenga with stone and lace apleque work on it







Do comment down below with your views or any past incident which you have experienced and what’s your ideology to overcome such shitty issues on women dressing.

Also don’t forget to hit a like and show some love. Until next time !!

Rent an outfit from
:- http://www.rentanattire.com

     •Instagram handle:- http://instagram.com/rentanattire

     •Facebook page :- https://www.facebook.com/Rentanattire/
They have an amazing bridal & barat collection. So don’t forget to drop by their store.

Sassyinceptor By Vaishali Dubey


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