If you want someone to love you,first learn to love yourself!

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Today , I will be talking about  INSECURITY ! Yes !

So let’s get into it.

Insecurity ruins life. Instead of enjoying our lives we start worrying about the ways we are inadequate.

I feel insecure everyday. I am not going to lie, I struggle to do that sometimes. Every time I go out somewhere in public I feel like people are judging me and it makes me feel so self conscious about the way I look and what I’m wearing. It’s hard when you feel really confident one second and the next second somebody brings up something you’re insecure about and your day gets ruined. It takes a lot to be able to brush it off like it’s nothing.. And the thing about this more than anything if you’re reading this let me tell you that you’re not alone. And I am sorry if you’re insecure.

Because insecurities come from a lot of comparison and a lot of unfair comparisons actually. I am a girl , I know also I have seen women struggling about certain things.
This is a very common thing not only in girls but in boys too.

FOr example:- I have seen boys who aren’t so strong or aren’t like those who lifts 150pounds at gym.

It’s really tough because that’s what’s been pushed on you. For years and years you see,physique or static appearance.

And for women, like it’s thousand times worse I would say. Just because they are so much against you and what really bumps me out that women compare themselves to these unattainable models etc.

Like they scroll their screen hundred of times and wish if they could have that, I don’t have this, I don’t have that and this n that n this….

To people you’re comparing yourself maybe comparing themselves with someone else. And they might feel insecure everyday about something.

It doesn’t define you.
You doesn’t defined by how many pounds you weigh , what makeup products you owe, the highlighter you wear, brands you wear.
There’s nothing defines you who you are as a person.

Remember that there always be people who will like you and who will not. World works like that.Don’t place your value for such things.Because that not where it lies.

What matters is who you are inside.

I know that sounds cheesy. But swear on my god it’s the honest truth.

For me I would rather be around those who are interesting, good person from inside, whose creative and most importantly who can Laugh with me a lot.

Outside stuff can be changed any minute. They are temporary.You know looks and other external stuff can be changed.

Who you are inside can also get changed but you have a lot more control on it.

You decide what you want to be. And people will love and appreciate you. True souls out there will find you attractive.

This is about being attractive. Honestly those who matters and want to stay with you for the right reasons will always want you to be right from inside.

If we work half of the day on ourselves as a human being ,we can make a world a better place to live.You can’t be beautiful to everyone.

Life is so much more than just about looks, physicality etc.

Maybe the person to whom you compare yourself might not be appealing to others. You need to understand this.You have to love yourself.

Start being happy for the things you are already blessed with. If you will do this. If you will start praising little things in life. And then Good things will come. I can give you 100%gaurantee about this.

Some people don’t even announce their insecurities for fear but others will constantly notice it, or it will change how others perceive them.

Let me mention my insecurities:

1)hair ! Yes hair ! My biggest insecurity.. everytime I see other girls having good healthy long hair. Damm,sometimes it hurts but it’s okay. I know so many hairstyles and I keep experimenting it on my hair and that looks amazing. I have started looking up to them since I have realised how important is to take proper care of your hair is. I was kinda tomboyish and I had never gave importance to such things in my life before.

2)the double chin Life.Today, if you don’t have a nice jawline, you basically aren’t attractive… according to society. Well I saw screw society! It doesn’t make you ugly. It makes you beautiful.

And what’s better if you know THE GOOD ANGELS :p to take pictures.

3)Many a times I hate my voice too.

It sounds like a small kid.Everytime I talk to somebody new ,they do ask me – do you really talk like that? And I will be like -hell yeah! Most of the people I have met said it’s cute but not everyone ! You know why !!

I hate having my voice on video because I think I sound horrendous. But I’m done caring about my voice. I’m going to talk in videos all I want!

As you can see, I have a lot of insecurities, but that isn’t going to stop me from living my life how I want. If people feel the need to talk about how ugly I am, go ahead because I know my self worth. (I also like to make fun of myself). That’s such an important thing to know. Know your self worth. You are all worth it. Every single one of you reading this. Whoever you are, you are beautiful. Don’t every forget that. Don’t be afraid to get out there. I challenge everybody to comment something they are insecure about!
I don’t know you , I can’t see you but I will still say that you’re a beautiful person somewhere from inside.

Beauty lies inside,looks come and go.



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