“Sassy” – lively, bold, and full of spirit. “Inceptor” – Someone who begins πŸ’‹

Sassyinceptor is basicaly a girl who come up with a thought to bring sassyness into the lives of those, who think they can’t look gorgeous, gaudy , enchanting or delightful.
I am 18 , Delhiite , pursuing graduation and with keen interest in fashion designing & ever changing trends here am I,starting with fashion blogging .
The Only motive ?? Make it simple, make it affordable, make it look Lavish at a price that is middle class.
I want you to follow, make it simple & be sassy πŸ’‹ I am Vaishali Dubey.

If you seek interest in -Lifestyle,Healthy living, -Beauty & fashion -Accessories& latest trends -Make-up tips -Dressing Styles -Fashion Tips -Do it yourself -Hairstyling -Nailpainting -Homemade remedies for your skin,hair,nail etc CLICK FOLLOW NOW.
Also catch me on INSTAGRAM @Vishali Dubey_sassyinceptor
Also If you like the items I show, visit my online store i.e @sassyinception on INSTAGRAM ,which provides a generous variety of handmade gift and home decor items & designer (AFFORDABLE ) Apparels. Links- Pinterest :-sassyinception Facebook :-www.facebook.com/DubeyVaishali

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VaishaliDubey ❀

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