If you want someone to love you,first learn to love yourself!

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Lip hacks Video

Hello fam.,

Here I have recorded some lip hacks.

Purpose of this video is just fun And these hacks may help somebody out there who’s quite insecure from their size of lips also.

Also, I noticed that there are many girls who don’t exfoliate their lips. And I wanted to talk about that.

Why you should do it?

  •Because your lips have a thinner layer of skin than the rest of your body, they lose moisture easily. Lip balm is definitely handy when it comes to alleviating chapped lips, but you also need to make sure to exfoliate regularly in order to maintain the perfect pout.

•it’s easy 

•get rid of dead skin

•exfoliated lips give a smooth surface for lipsticks

•get rid of makeup residue.

Your lips will feel healthier after you scrub them. But don’t go to harsh on your lips.

Watch this video for more…

Comment down below , your suggestions are always welcome.

Also,this is my first video which I have recorded myself with my iPhone. So bare me with the imperfections for now. 

Thankyou so much



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