Lip hacks Video

Hello fam.,

Here I have recorded some lip hacks.

Purpose of this video is just fun And these hacks may help somebody out there who’s quite insecure from their size of lips also.

Also, I noticed that there are many girls who don’t exfoliate their lips. And I wanted to talk about that.

Why you should do it?

  •Because your lips have a thinner layer of skin than the rest of your body, they lose moisture easily. Lip balm is definitely handy when it comes to alleviating chapped lips, but you also need to make sure to exfoliate regularly in order to maintain the perfect pout.

•it’s easy 

•get rid of dead skin

•exfoliated lips give a smooth surface for lipsticks

•get rid of makeup residue.

Your lips will feel healthier after you scrub them. But don’t go to harsh on your lips.

Watch this video for more…

Comment down below , your suggestions are always welcome.

Also,this is my first video which I have recorded myself with my iPhone. So bare me with the imperfections for now. 

Thankyou so much



Hello WordPress family,

Really Happy to see that I crossed 100followers on my blog . Yes, I do need to work harder .

It’s nothing but still getting here motivated me a lot to be consistent.
Today’s post is about homedmade face Mask.

Over the years, I may have tried different brands of face packs . But I have found some true solutions to everything my face needs .

Three ingredients are staples in most Indian Households and I always keep a small supply in my bathroom drawer for easy reach . Yes, they have been used for centuries for skincare and you just can’t go wrong with them.


-besan(gram flour)

-sandalwood powder
Face pack 1.

Turmeric stands unmatched for its medicinal value.

Take 2 spoonful of turmeric.

Mix lemon water into it. And apply it on your skin for 20minutes .

It can create a tingling sensation and will leave some yellow strains.

Before applying it on your face do test it by applying it on some other part of your body.

And don’t take tension about the yellow strains it will go after you moisturiser your skin.

It works on acne faster and also removes tanning . Use it thrice in a week .

Face pack 2.

Besan (i.e gram flour) helps in cleaning skin and tighter pores . You can also use it as an alternative for body soup.

I am totally in love this face pack..I use pack almost every next day in my night skincare routine  .( I will be sharing my night skincare routine soon on the blog )

Besan makes your skin quite dry . So , this pack is specially for oily skin.

Mix 2spoonfull of besan , few drops of rose water and yogurt .

Apply it on your skin and while rinsing do give your face a massage .

It gives your skin that glow after one wash . But do apply it thrice in a week for better results .
Face pack 3.

Sandalwood powder or a stick . I usually use the sandalwood stick .

It gets flaky and falls off when it dries .

Take a plain plank . Add some few drops of rose water and rub that stick on it . Which gives out you a smooth paste . Wash it with lukewarm water .

You can also leave some sandalwood paste on a pimple overnight , to find it magically gone or reduced .

If you need minimalist skincare , this is the cure all you need .
Boys and girls both can use this face masks.

Also, if you are having some more homemade face mask ideas , do comment down below . I would love to try them .

All love



​Welcome to my Little christmas DIY!

 I’m so glad you came by today. If you are new here, welcome!

I love making homemade, as you can probably tell by my own instagram Store i.e sassyinceptionStore where I sell my handmade crafts. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy this too.

It is so nice to decorate your home at Christmas time or at any festival by your own. Its extra fun when you know you’ve made all the decorations yourself! Making them is a lovely activity.

Coming on today’s DIY POST ;
 Here , I will be  sharing with you all  some quick ideas  to decorate your place this christmas.




They are easy.
Just Remember – Use acrylic paints , they last longer& also gives that super finished look.

We have many more and inexpensive homemade Crafts too ! Have a look to our instagram page:- @sassyinceptionstore

Finally, wish you and your family a great party season, merry X-mas, and a very happy and prosperous 2017.




My Winter Collection

​Hello everybody,
Today I am going to share with you all what I bought recently for my winter collection.

My 3rd semesters are going and  that’s why I am bit busy. Also have some personal issues. I don’t want to sound like sympthatic or agrumentative one. Its like somedays when you have nobody and you gotta do and make yourself so strong and independent for everything in your life.
I  Apologize for the inconsistency in my blogs.
Waiting For good days to come seriously guys.

Keeping everything aside lets get STARTED,

1) So this black hoodie is from snapdeal for rs 650 worth buying. It is warm . You can actually wear it while going to gym or for some workout in winters. It has that sporty look and have a very soft material .

2) Another Grey hoodie,
The reason behind buying them is just because I feel very cold in my ears during winter. So I keep maximum of hoodie’s and fancy caps. Going to buy some soon. If you know some websites with the same,please comment down below. I really want to buy Caps for winter.
It was for rs645/- which I bought  online from  snapdeal again.
And its very comfortable. The uniqueness about this hoodie is it has a hand fitted sleeves. Which is not tight but so sticky to your hand and gives the loads of warm vibes.

3) Here, I am wearing  a Loose grey dress which is from for rs499 only!
Worth spending upon ❤ It is still available on the website you can buy them !

4) So this sweater is from Style Studio. Which I have bought some days back from its showroom in lajpat nagar, delhi INDIA.
It was for Rs1900. I am going to wear it on my last exam  like the way I have clicked this picture but with my white high waisted jeans and white sneaker. And I think its pretty cool to combine them.
Aww  I love the stuff.Its heavy and knitted and very soft !
Also,Levi’s gotta really nice winter collection. Got one more from the Levi’s showroom but could not able to click picture in that one.

5) Dark blue and turquoise
I wanted to pair some solid combination this winter so I purchased both of them from different websites.
Blue full sleeves button sweater is from shop Nineteen and another one is from snapdeal again. ❤

6) GREEN |
This is the first green in my wardrobe 😂😂 Happy green . Welcoming them from now onwards.  This one really took my heart away❤

, you played it man like a boss !
It was for rs650 may be something  around it .I don’t exactly remember the price.  Side pockets , Wide Cap behind , open from the front.
I just loved it !

Am I sounding same ? Yes because the quality which snapdeal is providing is reminisble.
This yellow GREY Black sweater was for rs950.
I went two places wearing this sweater and believe me they end up asking me about this sweater , ya seriously bro!

CAMPUS sutra . SAME SWEATSHIRT IN RED IS AVAILABLE ON SNAPDEAL for rs 691 approx. So rush to the website ! Link is mentioned below

Yes, I do agree that some websites really dispresses us with the quality of the product.
You gotta trust some ❤
 I bought so much from Snapdeal and dint felt cheated even a bit.
They are having good collection for winters.
JabongIndia, abof are also giving it a hard challenge.
So rush onto those websites and SHOP SHOP SHOP.


( Instagram updates: @vishalidubey_sassyinceptor
Roposo username:@Vaishali Dubey

Click on the link and purchase best for your wardrobe




Hey lovelies,

 Very sorry for not posting since long.
I commit that there were some mistakes , which I was repeating in my blogs but from now its not going to be the same !
It really feels great to have a few of you following me and taking out your precious time to actually go through my blogs.
I now have a few followers, so I will try hard to live up to your expectations.
Your support is all I need ❤

Thankyou for your patience and sorry for the delay !
Now without further a do, lets get started with the next blog?

ARE you guys excited?

So Today’s blog going to be about the unexpected :-its yellow ! Why I said unexpected is because yellow isnt a colour you typically see everyone  wearing.

Here is the picture of the look for today

I wasnt sure about this Yellow dress.Than one day I found myself buying this pretty yellow dress from Only.

I was honestly so worried  about wearing the outfit, because it was little out of my comfort zone but It looked really good !

Here is the complete look 

The colour of this dress is loud, bright and moreover, Its a bold colour.

I planned on wearing a delicate watch from @versace which I purchased from the instagram store @sassyinception.
They are having the custom products of branded watches at an affordable prices and of a very good quality at the same time.

I carried this look with a clutch which I bought months back from the market of Kanpur !

To complete the look these green and brown high wedges are from @metroshoesindia are must !
( As the monsoon is here, Yesterday there was a heavy rain. Roads were full of mud and I went to shot pictures for the blog. I was little scared of being slipped but belive me if you’re buying these  you can keep your fear aside. They are so easy to carry !

No accessories .I just played with my eyes to give it  different look and a braid . kept it simple though attractive.

I am wearing the combination of brown and yellow as you can see. 
Afterall, brown and yellow  always rock together ! You can also go for some combinations like yellow& silver /golden/red/Black.

The dress is of short length. Many of us are comfortable while others are not. DONT THINK MUCH UPON IT.

I came up with a second look also for those who dont want to show there legs .

Enjoy the pictures

You can also order customised dresses, watches, handbags on Sassyinception .

INSTAGRAM STORE:-@sassyinception

All of you can stay updated to my day to day look .
Follow on Instagram:-@vishalidubey_sassyinceptor

I hope you guys liked it ! Dont be shy to drop your comments below.
I welcome all the suggestions you guys can make.


Thankyou 💛



This time styling my strapless dress into different ways.

#fashionblogger #stylish #style #fashion


Dont think about what will people think of you when you style your clothes.



So coming back onto my blog.
In the very first look you can see me styling my dress normally with my innerwear inside which looks a like that  I am wearing a single strap dress.
Wearing not much make up but a winged liner ✔ and a pop of red lips  👄
And a messybun.





I love how this dress can be used as just a skirt! So what I have done is : Worn the dress normally, but other than fastening the black classic top.This way it says put! Also the dress is loose around the waist,
So you will feel free to carry them out.
This attire will go best with ankel boots, I am not having the one yet so I held onto my heels in three of the pictures.



If you have followed me for a while, you must have seen my this black and white lining scarf .
Yes , I have styled my scarf into a long back dress material.
This isnt attached , I have done it by tieing a knot across my shoulder  and pinned  it with my dress.




           Here ,I just experimented on  my scarf
And made it look like a jacket over my dress.

So that is the end of our series of three not-so-everyday dresses that we have reused in a number of ways!

If you missed the other two, check out ‘How to wear a jumpsuit‘ and ‘How to sport your scarf ‘.

hope You all liked it  ☺