Lip hacks Video

Hello fam.,

Here I have recorded some lip hacks.

Purpose of this video is just fun And these hacks may help somebody out there who’s quite insecure from their size of lips also.

Also, I noticed that there are many girls who don’t exfoliate their lips. And I wanted to talk about that.

Why you should do it?

  •Because your lips have a thinner layer of skin than the rest of your body, they lose moisture easily. Lip balm is definitely handy when it comes to alleviating chapped lips, but you also need to make sure to exfoliate regularly in order to maintain the perfect pout.

•it’s easy 

•get rid of dead skin

•exfoliated lips give a smooth surface for lipsticks

•get rid of makeup residue.

Your lips will feel healthier after you scrub them. But don’t go to harsh on your lips.

Watch this video for more…

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Also,this is my first video which I have recorded myself with my iPhone. So bare me with the imperfections for now. 

Thankyou so much


REVAMPING blogpost1 

Hey wordpresses, welcome back to my blog♥️The Day before yesterday I was going through my closet and I realised that I haven’t been wearing a lot of clothes for whatever reason.

So I decided to take them out and Diy them into new trendy pieces.

Here , I am going to share with you a small diy which I also carried on myself yesterday for my college look. 

Let’s get started ,

So I took my old plain bLack camisole which I am sure everyone has in their wardrobe .

I simply revamped it into those strappy bralettes design which everyone’s wearing these days.

But those bralettes are so so expensive online so I decided to diy them . And trust me it’s very easy .

You will need :- 

I started it off by measuring the neck of the camisole .

You want to figure out the centre point of the camisole/tank top.

Now depending upon the length of the straps you want to go with the half of it , I marked . Mark the points. I decided to go with the 3cm.

You have to do that on both the sides .

After figuring it out the measurements, you will see that you have marked three points on camisole where the straps will get attached (as given in the picture). 

Now as for the new straps I found my old black bra which doesn’t fit me anymore .And I decided to cut the straps out of it .

Once you have your straps , you want to start off by positioning them and understanding exactly where you want to place them .

After that either use fabric glue or needle to sew them .

And that’s how quick it is !!

Here are my pictures , styling my new camisole ! 

I welcome all the suggestions you can make .

ALSO , I am having more such diys in my trunk . 

So stay connected 

Love you all

                      JEANS:- @dealjeans 

                 Sneaker shoes :-

                Shirt :- @pantaloonsfashion


Hello wordpressers,Whatsup with you all . Today I am going to share a puppy diy which I wanted to try from a very long go but I was quite unsure . I thought I may destroy my denim.

But I kept my Doubt aside and gave it a shot . And it came out pretty good.

Let’s come to the blog ,

All you need is :-

1. jeans  

2. Scissors 

3. Nail filer

4. Marker

5. Plucker

Take your jeans and mark the point from where you want your desired cuts!

 I only wanted to cut it from my left knee so marker didn’t came in my use but if you are cutting from both the knees or from both legs you will need it for straight and same size.

After marking ,take the scissors and CUT it.

Use nail filer to give them a frayed or damaged look . Rub it on its ends .

Use plucker to pull out the threads you want .

And that’s it !

Here are some pictures of my @spykarofficial Jeans :

I love if you would suggest me what fashion looks you want me to blog about .

I welcome them all ♥️


Sassyinceptor By Vaishali Dubey 


Hello guys, I have decided to create a series like 1 2 3 and so On for all my handmade blogpost.
It’s so cold here in Delhi and I don’t know how so many bloggers out there still sacrifices and click pictures in there short dresses etc They actually motivates me. They specifies that work is work and you gotta do that in anyway.
Well, today’s blog isn’t related to that at all .It was just a normal thought.

So , for today’s post I bought a pair of golden chain which is readily available on any accessory shop for more varieties you can go to the wholesalers once.

Below , See me styling this in 3different ways 




#choker #handmade #blog

Comment down below with your suggestions . I welcome them all 💕



​Welcome to my Little christmas DIY!

 I’m so glad you came by today. If you are new here, welcome!

I love making homemade, as you can probably tell by my own instagram Store i.e sassyinceptionStore where I sell my handmade crafts. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy this too.

It is so nice to decorate your home at Christmas time or at any festival by your own. Its extra fun when you know you’ve made all the decorations yourself! Making them is a lovely activity.

Coming on today’s DIY POST ;
 Here , I will be  sharing with you all  some quick ideas  to decorate your place this christmas.




They are easy.
Just Remember – Use acrylic paints , they last longer& also gives that super finished look.

We have many more and inexpensive homemade Crafts too ! Have a look to our instagram page:- @sassyinceptionstore

Finally, wish you and your family a great party season, merry X-mas, and a very happy and prosperous 2017.






How are you all? Exams are finally over . They went good as always  but still not going to score above 65 😂😂 AsAlways 😔😔.

                        ” MAKEUP IS AN ART” we all know that right !

Here I will be talking about Concealor…      What is a Concealor?( if anybody who is reading this post may not know what concealor is)
       A concealer or colour corrector is a type ofcosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar tofoundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. It is normally applied after primer, after foundation and used on the face.

Today I am going to do a DIY ” i.e DO IT YOURSELF blog.
As the Title itself suggests, 

All you need:-

Nivea Moisturiser:– Why I used Nivea ?
          It has a rich creamy texture Makes skin      soft, smooth & supple.
Suitable for all skin types.
Non-greasy lightweight formulaActive.
Good for winters.

M A C Pressed Powder
           The puff is of very good quality and picks and blends in the powder nicely on to the skin.  I have it in the shade “Medium Tan,” which is an exact match for my skin tone. The powder is pressed firmly into the compact.There’s no fragrance to the product, so it will go well with sensitive skin types.

           Blends easily into your skin to create a soft glowing and feather like finish. 
 Vitamin E that provides superior coverage.
Contains Vitamin E that soothes and moisturizes the skin.
Spreading evenly for an even toned look.

Question-How to make it?
Any speciffic brand doesn’t matter. You can pick any of your makeup product according to your skin.
Take any empty container box .
Put some moisturiser , then your powder and foundation.
Mix it up all untill it become smooth.

Apply it on your skin and see the Happy results !

(Firstly ,Make sure that the container you are going to secure your concealor in should be very clean and sanitized . Secondly,  the spoon or any niddle from which you will be scrapping it off your powder and things should also be clean. As this is something you are going to apply it on your skin . So personal hygiene should be the priority ) 
Hope you all like it !
Try and Drop your suggestions.
Warm welcome !
Thankyou so much