Hello wordpressers,Whatsup with you all . Today I am going to share a puppy diy which I wanted to try from a very long go but I was quite unsure . I thought I may destroy my denim.

But I kept my Doubt aside and gave it a shot . And it came out pretty good.

Let’s come to the blog ,

All you need is :-

1. jeans  

2. Scissors 

3. Nail filer

4. Marker

5. Plucker

Take your jeans and mark the point from where you want your desired cuts!

 I only wanted to cut it from my left knee so marker didn’t came in my use but if you are cutting from both the knees or from both legs you will need it for straight and same size.

After marking ,take the scissors and CUT it.

Use nail filer to give them a frayed or damaged look . Rub it on its ends .

Use plucker to pull out the threads you want .

And that’s it !

Here are some pictures of my @spykarofficial Jeans :

I love if you would suggest me what fashion looks you want me to blog about .

I welcome them all ♥️


Sassyinceptor By Vaishali Dubey